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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Sunset Property Management exists to help property owners operate and maintain a quality investment that maximizes income stream. We believe it is important that the properties we manage are safe, clean, energy and resource conscious and have a high level of curb appeal – We do this with our “maintenance first” attitude.

Our Services

Our residential rental property management services have been and will continue to be in the future, always about quality. We are passionate about ethically and tenaciously searching out the highest quality tenants, knowing that quality tenants desire to live in quality buildings run by an established property management company.

Our Customers

Property management for rentals is a declicate businsess. We believe it is important for us to partner with owners in a proactive manner to make cooperative decisions about their property.

Our Tenants

Our tenants have much to do with the success of our business and their reviews have put us at the top of the list of apartment management companies. We take their needs seriously and gather valuable feedback that enables us to accommodate their requests. This is done by being approachable and accommodating with regards to questions, comments and complaints.

Our Staff

We believe that for a rental company, the only standard for personal and professional performance is one of excellence and that this should be the standard for performance in every task undertaken in the company. We are committed to being a leader in our industry through our integrity, innovation, client satisfaction and personal commitment to excellence.

Our Buildings

After a decade of management, we concede that the best run properties are visited often by the property manager; we only offer our property management services in our area. Conservation of resources has increasingly become the gateway to success on an income level; costs that used to be ancillary are now the dividing point between an excellent return and an average return.

Our Neighborhood

Every condo, house and apartment building are part of a community, and all communities have neighbors. We want to be accepted by neighbors wherever we do business.

Our Maintenance Programs

This is where we stand out and try everyday to distinguish ourselves from other San Diego management companies. Our craftsmanship is high quality and we keep our maintenance rates low so that the budget will allow us to improve properties, not just maintain them.

Our Communication

We know it is hard to find rental home management companies that have adequate communication systems. Sunset Property Management and Realty is big enough to get the job done, but small enough where we have time to respond, reach out and return communications quickly.


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